If you are familiar with the black split method of playing roulette, you should know that it is a worthwhile strategy. Top bettors use this strategy to improve their chances of winning with style. To assist you in becoming a top gambler, read our roulette black splits guide and learn how it works.

Some of the things you will learn from this guide include:

  • How The Roulette Split Bet works.
  • How To Apply The Strategy.
  • The Different Types of Split Bets in Roulette.
  • Risk Management using This Strategy.
  • Selecting the Best Variants for you.
  • Alternative Strategies to the Black Split Strategy.

How The Roulette Split Bet Works

To mention again, the split bet method is one of the famous types of wagers in the best NZ Roulette casinos. It simply dives into the game with an inside bet. This implies that it focuses on the wheel number in Roulette. Compared to other techniques that focus on the groups of numbers in the game, this technique is unique.

Take Note

It is important to note that this inside technique features a high-risk method. At the same time, it also promises bigger payouts than its outside wager counterparts.

The Game: Roulette

The roulette game comes in different variations, depending on what you want to play.

If for instance, you are a noob to the game, but you plan on betting on a variety of roulette games, the black split betting strategy is the perfect choice. Having said that, you need to understand how the bet type works and how you can benefit from it. Continue reading this guide to learn all there is about the black split bet in Roulette.


tips iconThe best place to play the different Roulette variants for real money is at a reputable live dealer casino. At these casinos, you will find lots of gaming options to play small bets. This way, you can determine which roulette variations to play using the black splits’ method without risking too much money.

Simple Definition of The Roulette Split Bet Strategy

A split bet in Roulette simply involves placing a bet on two different numbers on the table. These numbers are usually beside each other horizontally or vertically.

How To Use This Betting Strategy

  • First, select the Roulette casino and game you want to play.
  • Input your amount.
  • Choose what type of split betting you want to play.
  • Place your chips on the line. Make sure you place it between two numbers adjacent to each other on the roulette table.

It does not matter which split bet you choose to make, the method automatically doubles the game odds and increases your chances of winning on every bet you make. Despite that, you should still pay attention to the risky aspect of this method.

The Different Split Bet Variants in Roulette

There are a bunch of variants to choose from when using the Roulette split bet technique. Some of the famous ones include:

Roulette Black Splits

This variant relies on straight inside bets on black splits. It basically involves a selection of seven different number combos, including:

  • 8 and 11
  • 10 and 11
  • 10 and 13
  • 17 and 20
  • 26 and 29
  • 28 and 29
  • 28 and 31.

Roulette Red Splits

Like the black split, the red split variant focuses on inside bets mainly on the red numbers. It involves wagering on the following 4 combos:

  • 9 and 12
  • 16 and 19
  • 18 and 21
  • 27 and 30

Split and Croupier

The split and croupier variant is a bit different from the red and black splits. This variant involves that you rely on the croupier, which may sometimes have similar numbers at close intervals on the table. This split and croupier strategy is mainly used in land-based casinos to boost game odds in a player’s favor.


To stay winning with this strategy, it is ideal to follow repetitions. In addition to that, make sure to stake on the generated numbers or other player’s splits.

Should I Use The Black Split Strategy?

This depends on a few things. First, does it seem like a strategy you can consistently follow? Secondly, do you know a reputable online casino with exclusive roulette bonuses and promotions?

idea iconSeeing how many Kiwi players have negative comments towards this strategy, questioning the split bet may be required. However, it has been a rich source of income for many roulette gamblers at the best real-money casinos. In addition to that, you have to understand the type of roulette game you want to play.

Whether it is European or American roulette, making sure you understand the game, its house edges and odds can improve your chances of winning in Roulette. Choosing a reputable casino with enough roulette bonuses is another thing you should pay attention to. With these bonuses, you get to even play and try the strategy without risking your funds.

Take Note

Make sure you have good bankroll management when using the split bet strategy.

The Perfect Example of Roulette Split Bet Payout:

The payout on the split bet roulette on two adjacent numbers rolls up to 17/1.

For example, if you place a black split bet with a $20 chip and it wins, you will be paid 20×17, $340 + your initial $20 chip. Nevertheless, if you stake another bet, this time, a $40 chip, your total win will then amount to $300 or another profit, depending on whether you win or lose.

How the Split Bet Maximizes Your Winnings in Roulette Games

Since the wager simply involves staking on two adjacent numbers whose colors are similar and follow each other on the column table, it can maximize winnings. But how? Placing a standard split bet has exclusive odds of 17/1. In addition to that, your chip bets feature two possible outcomes instead of one. With these, it is possible to maximize your winnings when you win using the split bet method.


To read a more detailed guide to how Roulette odds work, take a glance at our complete Roulette review for more information.

Black Splits vs. Other Strategies in Roulette

Strategies Winning Odds Profit/risk Chances
Black Splits Strategy 27.02% Highly rewarding
Fibonacci Strategy 1:1 Very safe strategy
Martingale Strategy 1:1 Rewarding
Anti-Martingale Strategy 1:1 Low-risk strategy
Roulette Red Black Strategy 1:1 The best for beginners
Labouchere Strategy 1:1 Good risk-to-reward ratio.
d’Alembert Strategy 1:1 Straightforward
Romanosky Strategy 86% Highly rewarding

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  • plus-expand.svg What is a Split Bet in Roulette?

    The split bet is an exceptional strategy in roulette where you place one chip on two numbers for a payout of 17/1. In the European Roulette version, these odds can go as high as 18 ½ /1, while in American Roulette at 19/1.

  • plus-expand.svg How Does The Black Split Work?

    By placing the game chip on the line on two adjacent black numbers. It features up to seven different combinations, including 8/11, 10/11, 10/13, 17/20, 26/29, 28/29, and 28/31.

  • plus-expand.svg What are The Winning Chances using Black Split Bet?

    Using the black split bet method, you stand to win at 17:1, if you win the wager.

  • plus-expand.svg How To Play Using Split Bets?

    Place your chip between the two chosen numbers on adjacent sides to each other on the table, and wager on both numbers.

  • plus-expand.svg Does Split Bet work on Both Red and Black in Roulette?

    Yes. Splitting your bet across adjacent numbers on the column can have both red and black. You can place the bet across red/red, black/black, and red/black.

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