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When selecting a top online casino, players are always asked to check the reviews of the brand they have in mind. For the most part, players are always advised to consider sticking to expert casino reviews from pros rather than the ones from users. Why is this so? Continue reading this review to clarify the idea behind this viewpoint.

OnlineCasinoFinder Presents The Best Casino Review Methodology

To offer NZ bettors the best gambling experience, we gather iGaming experts to research and provide valuable gambling sources. This research is guaranteed to provide you with enough valuable information about casino using the following criteria for our casino reviews:

  1. Collections of casino games alongside the security feature of the casino.
  2. The available types of NZ Bonuses, range from welcome offers to free spins and sign-up offers.
  3. The mobile interface of the casino.

Why Trust Our Methodology?

One huge reason to trust our review methodology is that we research and review casinos based on your preferences as a player.

We dive into what interests players the most about a gambling platform, including checking the available games, and bonuses and testing their payment operations. Before we decide to write a review, we must have thoroughly tested the platform to see if what it offers is true.

Why Expert Opinions Count in Casino Reviews

To understand a market, you must have a solid experience in it. Expert opinions from iGaming experts tend to be more genuine because of their knowledge about the market and online casino works. Some of the reasons why expert opinions count include:

Elaborate Comparisons

With expert reviews, you will always find elaborate comparisons between your chosen online casino and other casinos. These reviews are usually directed at confirming the benefits and downsides of a casino and how it performs compared to others. There is almost no reason to test a casino yourself after reading an expert’s review.

Thorough Data Research

The best part of expert reviews is how thorough the research is. These reviews will go through every piece of data about a casino, including the most subtle aspect. As a result, players will be able to confide in the review to know how exactly a casino is instead of risking their experiences on the platform.

Possible Weaknesses of Expert Casino Reviews

Expert reviews will do their best to explore all the necessary information about a casino and present it to you. However, it does not mean that these reviews will always be reliable. But with OnlineCasinoFinder, you can be guaranteed with genuine information. In general, the possible weaknesses of expert casino reviews include:

  • Most Experts are Dishonest: Many experts will run to the commission sides to make money rather than provide honest information about a casino. These experts instead of telling the truth and actually pointing out the bad sides of a casino, they would rather get paid to compliment the casino.
  • No Evidence: Instead of finding enough evidence to back what they see about the casino, some experts will rather upload blank praises.
  • Sameness in Reviews: It is not so surprising to find the exact type of reviews at many expert sources. Most experts imitate the methodology of others to formulate their own reviews. This makes it difficult for players to trust expert reviews.

Honest Experience from Real Players: The Value of User Casino Reviews

On the other hand, a player’s review is another source of casino information. It has its benefits and downsides too, and that’s what we will be explaining here. But first, what are its benefits?

Practical Opinions

Most player reviews always come from players with first-hand experience from a casino. These players will share how they were treated and how well the casino services were when they tested and played. Compared to an expert’s casino opinion, opinions from players are more practical and easier for users to understand.

Diversity of Honest Opinions

With player reviews, you would be able to find a diversity of narratives where each player will share their experiences. These narratives tend to contain different points of interest that expert evaluation may not be able to provide.

Possible Drawbacks of Player Review

  • Dishonest Reviews: To follow what other players are saying about a particular casino, many players will write or change their reviews to a lie. This is a big drawback to player reviews. Not to mention, they also get the chance to advertise or talk about their casinos.
  • Subjective Opinions: Player reviews tend to be subjective. Some players only write or talk about how they feel. Do not be surprised to start seeing negative comments about a casino from a player just because he doesn’t like the colors of the interface.
  • False Information: Common with expert reviews, player reviews also provide false information.

Expert Reviews vs. Player Reviews: The Moment of Truth

Expert Reviews Player Reviews
Expert reviews are written to provide genuine information about a casino. Player reviews tend to be subjective. They are based on the player’s perspective.
Provide elaborate comparisons between many casinos. These reviews offer practical reports of the player’s experience at the casino.
These reviews are written and compiled by iGaming experts with experience in reviewing online casinos. They are written by players that have come across or players at the casino.
Greedy or lazy expert reviewers may offer dishonest information. To get back at a casino, unhappy players can leave negative and misleading reviews.

OnlineCasinoFinder’s Verdict

Overall, casino reviews are more precise and detailed about the data and services a casino provides. Player reviews, on the other hand, are more practical narratives and easy-to-relate experiences about a casino. It all depends on what you want to hear about the casino. Nonetheless, keep in mind that either of these reviews can contain misleading information.

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