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New Zealand has exciting casinos, but there is something important to know. When you play, there are fees for how you pay, like when using cards. These fees might seem small, but they can add up and affect your wagering budget. In this guide, we will explain these fees. Knowing this will help you make smart choices when depositing or withdrawing at the casinos.

Players in New Zealand love going to online casinos for a good time. But it is also really important to know about the extra fee that can come with different ways to pay. These extra fees might be for transacting your money, changing currencies, or having limits on how much you can put in or take out. When you understand these fees, you can be smarter about your spending.

Currency Conversion Fees

When you go to the casino in New Zealand, sometimes you might use a different kind of currency than what is used in your casino account. That is when currency conversion fees come into play.

New Zealand is a place where people from all over the world visit, and they bring their own types of currency to play in the casinos. So, these fees become important because they can affect how much you spend and enjoy your time at the casino.

Payment Fees

In the casino, there are fees for payments. They happen when you put money in, take winnings out, or do some transactions while playing. Knowing about these fees helps you make smart choices. The fees you pay can depend on how you decide to put money into your casino account and the casino’s rules.

Usually, the top New Zealand casinos do not add extra fees when you deposit money. But be aware that some ways of paying, like using credit cards or certain e-wallets could have their own fees when you use them for payments.

Withdrawal Limit Fees

Withdrawal limit fees are like charges you might have to pay when you want to take your casino winnings out. They are connected to how much money you can cashout in one go or in a monthly time frame, and this can be different from one casino to another. Knowing about these fees helps you enjoy your winnings without any extra costs. For example, If you are lucky and win the highest jackpot while playing free spins pokies, you will need to settle payment fees when you take your winnings.

Using Debit and Credit Cards at Top Online Casinos

Credit and debit cards are the popular choice for most players when they pay at casinos. You can use them in almost any casino, even ones that use cryptocurrencies. These cards give you records of all your casino transactions, helping you manage your budget and keep track of your spending.

If you do not know about e-wallets or cryptocurrency, using these cards is simple. Just put in your bank details, say how much you want to deposit, and wait for the payment to process.

But, even though cards are popular and easy to use, they have some downsides. In New Zealand, they get the highest taxes compared to other payment options. Most banks here charge a small fee, starting at 0.2% for each transaction. It might not seem like much, but over time, these fees can add up.

Prepaid Cards in New Zealand Casinos

Prepaid cards are a financial tool you can use in NZ casinos. You can easily get them from the appropriate stores or online shops. Then, you can put the amount of money you want on them. These cards come with a special code, and when you want to deposit money into your casino account, you just enter this code on the casino’s website.

Using prepaid cards for deposits is simple and easy, making them a great choice. However, it is important to know that when it comes to withdrawing your winnings, most casinos might not support prepaid cards as much. So, you might face some limitations when trying to get your winnings this way.

Exploring E-Wallet Payment Methods for Casinos

In the past years, New Zealand’s casinos have changed a lot. E-Wallet casinos, which let players use services like Neteller and Skrill, have become really popular. This happened because of reasons that made E-Wallet casinos a popular choice.


In 2021, Neteller casinos became really popular in New Zealand. People love using Neteller because it is super-fast for deposits and withdrawals. It is a top choice for players who want quick and easy transactions while also making sure their money is safe and dependable.

The good news for players is that Neteller usually does not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals on gambling sites, as long as you use the same currency throughout the transaction. This is a big plus because it means players can enjoy casino games without worrying about extra fees related to Neteller transactions.


In New Zealand, Skrill is a top choice for casino payments because it is popular for its speed and security. It is widely accepted, and its fees are low, making it convenient for online banking. Plus, Skrill lets you keep all your money in one place.

Using Skrill at online casinos is convenient, but it is important to know that some casinos might have fees for Skrill withdrawals, usually less than 2%. However, these fees can differ from one casino to another.

Skrill or Neteller: Which Is Better for Casino Banking?

Comparing Skrill and Neteller for casino banking, Skrill is great for low fees and fast transactions, perfect if you want quick money transfers in online casinos. Neteller, on the other hand, offers excellent loyalty programs with lots of benefits and extra security for those who value data protection. Both work well for depositing money in online casinos, ensuring safe transactions, and they have similar withdrawal times.

Alternative Payment Methods for Online Casinos


PayPal is known for its simplicity in online gambling. Creating an account, adding bank details and cards, and using it on different websites are easy. PayPal also allows higher withdrawal limits, has lower charges, offers security, and is fast. It is a versatile option for both depositing and withdrawing money in online gambling.


Paysafecard is a popular choice for depositing money in online casinos because it does not have fees. However, most casinos do not let you take your winnings out directly using Paysafecard. To solve this, many casinos have something called “My Paysafecard” that lets you withdraw your winnings more easily.


Cryptocurrencies are now widely accepted on New Zealand’s top gambling websites because they are the safest and quickest way to make online payments, especially for withdrawals. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most well-known, cryptocurrency transaction fees are consistent and usually lower than the fees associated with traditional bank transfers, making them a favored option for players.

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