how to manage your budget for live casino games

One of the best ways to maximise your winnings on live casino games is to have a strict budget and gamble responsibly. If this is a goal you want to pursue, read this guide to learn how to do just that.

Create a Realistic Bankroll

In addition to selecting a reputable live casino operator, you must also be on the watch out for your bankroll size for a safer and more fulfilling experience. You need to be able to understand what is your bankroll and budget with a concise amount of money you are willing to risk during your  gambling activity. This trait is what sums up an experienced live casino gambler.

The Ideal Amount to Spend on Gaming

So, the real question here is how much are you willing to spend at a casino?

Since all players have different pocket sizes, it is quite challenging to answer this question. At the same time, the ideal suggestion for every player is to review their pockets and consider how much they can afford to lose. After this, you should be able to come up with a plan to fit your bankroll size. To guide you further, below is a step-by-step guide to help you determine the perfect bankroll size for you:

Evaluate Your Financial Status

Before delving into having good bankroll management, evaluate your financial status. This includes putting into account all your income, expenses, savings and all kinds of monetary value you possess. With this method, you can easily navigate your budget by prioritising more important bills, like rent, and savings before gambling.

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Set a Budget

To set up a budget specifically for gambling, decide on the accessible amount you can use to play within a specific period. This could be a daily, weekly or monthly thing. Either way, just make sure you come up with a budget of money you can afford to lose and would not cause any financial harm.

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State The Amount You Can Spare for Gambling

Casino live games feature a good number of titles with different payout rates and odds. Educate yourself on the most important information about your preferred games to understand your risk appetite. If you feel you can take a lot of risk, you might want to opt for a smaller bankroll.

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Stick To a Proper Bankroll Management Strategy

Learn to manage and stick to proper bankroll management. An ideal strategy for this is staking a maximum of 5% on every bet to stay safe and maximise winnings. This strategy also provides a solid ground for you to play live games longer, minimise losses and build your bankroll.

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Use Casino Gambling Tools to Limit Spending

Thanks to the help of top NZ casinos, you have the option to set spending limits using certain gambling tools on the platforms. This includes being able to set deposit and session limits to help you avoid spending overly and also control your gambling.

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Never Deviate from Your Bankroll

No matter how fun or annoying the game is, never deviate from your bankroll. Also, avoid chasing losses.

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Top Budget Management Strategies for Live Casino Games

Strategy Definition Safety Level
Martingale Works by doubling the next bet after securing a loss while halving your next bet after you win. Risky
Anti-Martingale Continues to cut bets in halves after a loss and doubles subsequent wagers after you win. Risky
Fixed Betting Wagering equal amounts every time. Moderate
Proportional Betting Only wagering a percentage of your bankroll at the time. Safe

Go for a Practical Risk Level

The safest bankroll management strategy is the fixed betting method. All it takes is for you to keep betting the same amount every time. It does not matter whether you are losing or winning, the fixed betting strategy mandates that you always stake the same amount. This strategy guarantees a safer and more engaging live casino experience.

Proportional betting is a moderately safe bankroll management strategy. This is because of its simple yet considerable pattern. It required you to only place a percentage of your bankroll you can afford to lose. This way, you minimise the chances of taking unnecessary losses beyond your capabilities.

The Martingale and Anti-Martingale strategy are two risky strategies. The fact that you have to increase or decrease your bet size can put your entire bankroll at risk when you lose. It is an ideal strategy for NZ players looking for a high-probability technique without considering their bankrolls.


The Martingale is a famous, yet risky betting strategy that has long been used. The strategy basically applies the style of staking a particular amount and doubling that bet amount any time you lose. Until a win is met, you can then proceed to another part of halving your next bets.

For instance, if you decide to stake $20 per bet on a real money live roulette game with a bankroll of $500. If you lose this bet, you have to wager $40 on the next round. If you continue to lose, you have to double the amount to stake next. On the other hand, if you lose the first bet of $20 and win the second bet of $40, your third bet has to be $20, which means you start from scratch again.


money bag1 iconAs the name sounds, The Anti-Martingale strategy is simply a total opposite of the Martingale method. Unlike Martingale, this strategy starts with an amount and continues with half the amount after every losing bet until a win is met. When you win using the Anti-Martingale strategy, you have to double your next bet when you win.

For example, if you start a live Blackjack match with $20 from your $500 bankroll. Losing the first stake means that you have to half the next bet, which is going to be $10. If you eventually lose the second round, the third bet has to be $5. On the other hand, assuming you won the second bet of $10, your next stake will be $20.

Fixed Betting

The most straightforward of these strategies is fixed betting. All it entails is staking a certain amount on every match without changing. To start using this strategy, you have to consider a certain amount you are willing to risk on every bet and gamble with it all the time. Besides being a simple bankroll strategy, fixed betting is a low-risk method.

For example, if you came up with a plan to stake $10 for fixed betting, you have to stake this amount each time you want to play. To make the most of this strategy, play a wide range of quality live casino games at the best casinos.

Proportional Betting

Proportional betting is another low-risk bankroll management strategy with promising capabilities. Compared to fixed betting, it constitutes a more elaborate process. Using this strategy, you have to come up with a plan to bet a percentage of your bankroll on each bet. Your bankroll determines the size of your bet. As it increases or decreases with time, you have to follow the percentage pattern.

For instance, let’s assume that you decide to use the proportional betting method on your favourite live Baccarat games at 1%. This means that if you own a bankroll of $500, you have to stake 1% of your bankroll, which is $5, on every wager. Assuming you made up to $800 on your first bet, to go on a second bet, you will be staking 1% of your new $800 bankroll, which is $8.

Benefits of Managing Your Bankroll

There are numerous benefits that come with managing your bankroll. Some of these include:

  • It helps you minimise excessive spending and unnecessary losses when gambling.
  • Having good bankroll management guarantees long-term success in your gambling endeavors.
  • It helps direct all your emotions towards a goal and not against your success.
  • Using a wagering strategy assists Kiwi players in placing bets with higher chances of winning in the long run.

Beware of The House Edge

For the noobs, who do not understand the meaning of house edge, this is basically the percentage of a player’s bet that the NZ online casino gets to keep. By this, it shows how important it is for Kiwi players to have good bankroll management.

A casino with a high house edge has a massive advantage over your bets when you start to lose due to poor bankroll management. For this reason, going for live dealer casinos with low to moderate house edge is an ideal option to help you manage your real money gambling.

Put Your Strategy Into Action

like iconNow that you know the different forms of bankroll management betting strategies and their benefits, it is time for you to choose a suitable strategy and put it into action. This will guide you in making safer bets with higher chances of winning at a reputable live casino. Do not forget to gamble responsibly.


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