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Most people assume that playing slots is just a matter of luck and that there isn’t much you can do to improve your chances of winning. What if we told you that, while playing on no deposit slot machines, there are, in fact, some winning tactics that you may put to use to improve your odds of winning?

We’ll go over various successful tactics on this page to offer you a general understanding of how they might be useful and how you can use them to create your own winning approach. Contrary to popular assumption, there are effective slot machine tactics, and they are listed here!

Random Number Generators: What are they?

Random Number Generators (RNGs) are an essential component of modern slot machines. An RNG is a software algorithm designed to produce a sequence of random numbers, which determines the outcome of each spin of the reels. The RNG ensures that the outcome of each spin is completely random and unbiased, and cannot be predicted or influenced by any external factors.

app iconThe RNG works by generating a long sequence of numbers at a rate of thousands per second. When a player presses the spin button, the RNG stops on a particular number, which is then mapped to a specific outcome on the slot machine’s paytable. The outcome of each spin is determined solely by the RNG, and not by any previous spins or external factors.

To ensure the integrity of the RNG, it is regularly audited and tested by independent third-party agencies. These agencies use sophisticated testing methods to verify that the RNG produces truly random and unbiased results. In addition, modern slot machines also use encryption technology to protect the integrity of the RNG and prevent any tampering or hacking attempts.

The odds of winning on a slot machine: What you Need to Know

The total number of symbols per reel raised to the power of the reel count is one of the basic formulas you must keep in mind. This provides you with the total number of combinations that win.

For example, a three – reel slot with 6 winning symbols on each reel will have 6 * 6 * 6 = 216.

Once you know how many winning combinations there are, divide that amount by the entire number of combinations.

Using a pair of slots to comprehend how you can increase your chances of winning while playing slots

Let’s assume going forward that all slot machines mentioned have a single line and accept one coin every roll for the purpose of simplicity and understanding.

Let’s now examine machine A, which has three reels with the following symbols on each: a joker, a grape, a pineapple, a papaya, a pear, and a peach.

The payout chart has 4 different rows as follows:

  • Option 1: 30 coins for three jokers
  • Option 2: 10 coins for 2 of a kind fruits
  • Option 3: 4 coins for any pair of jokers
  • Option 4: 1 coin for any single joker

With three reels and six winning symbols, there are a total of 216 winning combinations possible.

Having ascertained the overall quantity of winning combinations, let us examine the degree of difficulty associated with winning in each of the four alternatives individually

Option 1

With 30 coins, Option 1 will yield the largest win for you. To win large, you must hit three jokers. This is the only combination or choice available. Thus, the likelihood of winning this is quite low. But if you read this article and learn how to choose a winning slot machine, you might just strike it rich before long. Depending on the stake size, a victory this large—the most the slot machine offers—could be worth millions of dollars.

Option 2

The second-biggest win that can be achieved on this slot machine is option 2. You will receive 10 coins for this win. You must get three identical fruits without the use of a joker in order to earn the ten coins. Therefore, you need to remember that using three distinct fruits won’t work. To get this victory, the same fruit must show up in each of the three rows. You will thus also need a peach in the second and a peach in the third row if you were lucky enough to get one in the first row.

There are only five ways to obtain a three of a kind fruit win because there are only five fruit symbols. But since 5 is five times more than 1, option 2 has a much higher chance of winning than option 1. You can increase your odds of striking a combination that pays out highly by learning how to choose a winning slot machine.

Option 3

You can earn four coins in the third winning option. You will need a pair of jokers to win option 3. A pair is more likely to occur and is considerably easier than a three of a kind. Jokers can be found on the first and second row, the second and third row, or the first and third row; in any case, they are found in pairs. This is the catch, though, which reduces your chances of winning option 3: in order to win, the reel without a joker must have a fruit.

Therefore, 1*1*5+1+5*1*1 = 15 is the total number of winning combinations in this case.

Option 4

The choice with the highest chances of winning in this slot machine is 1 coin, which also has the lowest payout. Simply landing one joker on any of the three reels will be enough to win option 4. A minimum of one fruit must be present on each of the other two reels that do not contain jokers. That being said, we can confirm this using the same technique and this combination is rather common.

Calculation is as follows (1 × 5 × 5 + 5 × 1 × 5 + 5 × 5 × 1 = 75).

All four possibilities are featured, thus there are 96 winning combinations overall, regardless of which option you choose or how much you win. You now possess sufficient knowledge to enter the numbers and determine the slot machine’s payout %, right?

Look at the table below:

Winning Combinations 3 Jokers
Number of Winning Combinations 1
Coins Won 30
Profit per coin 30
Profit Percentage 139.96
Winning Combinations 3 unique fruits
Number of Winning Combinations 5
Coins Won 10
Profit per coin 50
Profit Percentage 23.27
Winning Combinations 2 Jokers
Number of Winning Combinations 15
Coins Won 4
Profit per coin 60
Profit Percentage 27.91
Winning Combinations 1 Joker
Number of Winning Combinations 75
Coins Won 1
Profit per coin 75
Profit Percentage 34 89

Now let’s figure out the slot machine’s overall profit percentage:

Profit percentage = (1 * 30 + 5 * 50 + 15 * 4 + 75 * 1) ÷ 216 -> 215/216 = 0.9954 or 99.54 percent.

The subject at hand is: Is a 99.54% payout rate considered good? The answer for a slot is that it definitely beats the average. However, if you’re not sure how you arrived at that amount, you can be led astray and believe it pays far more than it actually does. You should be aware, nevertheless, that heavier weight is given to the more difficult and lucrative combinations.

The payout percentage would be 44.44% if everyone was paid out at the same rate, giving the house the advantage. Only 96 of the 216 possible combinations are winning ones, meaning that the house has a better chance of winning over time.

Did you know: Slot Machines have the Highest House Edge?

Given that 44.44% of winning combinations would result in an equal payout, you could be thinking, “That’s not bad, almost a 1 in 2 chance of winning every time.” But slots give the biggest advantage to the house. For instance, you might assume that you would win 98% of the time if a slot machine had a 98% return to player rate, but in actuality, the house keeps 2% of every dollar you wager. In the long run, you might win a lot of money or lose a lot of money, but the house will always come out ahead when you compare the entire amount of money put into the machine and the total amount paid out by the machine.

How To Calculate House Edge And Why It Is Vital For Winning Strategies

idea iconThere are situations when you simply lack the information needed to determine the precise house edge. As a result, the players will have to rely on the RTP that is made public. The majority of gaming boards have a rule stating that all online slots must provide players with a minimum 73% return. Compared to larger slot machines, smaller slot machines typically fall closer to this figure. For this reason, if your budget permits it, it would be wise to play the larger slots rather than the lower earning, low roller bankroll slots. You have greater odds the bigger you go.


Understanding probability and the mechanics of slot machines is essential for increasing your chances of winning. Slot machines use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure that each spin is completely random and unbiased.

By choosing machines with a high RTP and low variance, players can increase their chances of winning and staying in the game longer. It’s also crucial to practise responsible bankroll management and to set betting limits to avoid excessive gambling. Finally, it’s important to remember that gambling should be a fun and entertaining activity, and players should always gamble responsibly and within their means. By following these tips, players can enjoy a more enjoyable and potentially profitable experience playing slots.

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