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New Zealanders who have climbed their way to success and built credible wealth have a special spot on our website. However, unlike before, the list of NZ wealthy folks that are starting to feature on the NBR rich list are not only there for their wealth. The conditions that qualify each person currently depend on not only their wealth but also their ability to contribute to the growth of the nation.

List of the top ten NBRs

  1. Graeme Hart – $11bn
  2. Todd Family – $4.3bn
  3. Goodman Family- $3.1bn
  4. Mowbray Family – $2.5bn
  5. Sir Michael Friedlander – $2bn
  6. Rod Dury – $1.95bn
  7. Talley Family – $1.2bn
  8. Sir Robert Jones – $1.1bn
  9. Bruce Plested – $1.02bn
  10. Jim and Rosemari Delegat – $1.01bn

Graeme Hart – $11bn

  • Enterprise: Investment

The richest person in New Zealand is no other person than Graeme Hart. This personality prefers to stay on the low rather than make a lot of public impressions from the media. In an interview, he once mentioned that his main interest in making money was never for his benefit. He describes his success in money-making as an offshoot of his philanthropy alongside investment.

Todd Family – $4.3bn

  • Enterprise: Investment|Todd Corporation

The Todd Family claims the second-richest title in New Zealand. The family is a big circle of over 200 household members that operate and finance the Todd Corporation. Not to mention, their business covers the following, from healthcare to oil and gas, technology and wine production. Through these ventures, the family has made a reputation for itself.

Goodman Family – $3.1bn

  • Enterprise: Property

The Goodman Family is another big name on the rich list of New Zealanders across the entire country. Specializing in the management and ownership of real estate properties, from facilities to warehouses and business parks, the Goodman Family has gathered immense wealth. The most crucial aspect of their wealth can be traced to their managerial operations on top-class urban logistics properties in Auckland.

Mowbray Family – $2.5bn

  • Enterprise: Manufacturing and selling|ZURU

The Mowbray Family is a simple combo of Anna Jane Mowbray and her brothers, Matt and Nick. Together, they operate largely as Kiwi business people operating the Chinese toy company ZURU. Anna is the lead person in this family, and she has been leading the family’s business alongside her brother on three great virtues; determination, hard work and ever-learning.

Sir Michael Friedlander- $2bn

  • Enterprise: Property|The Samson Corporation

The Friedlander Family is another name on the rich list that is well-known for running the Samson Corporation. Their beginnings can be dated back to the 1940s when the family’s lead person, Sir Micahel Friendler is known as a proud owner of properties in the city of Auckland in New Zealand.

For the record, Sir Micahel’s philanthropy has served the whole nation well. And this is why it is not so much of a surprise that he was nominated a Knight Champion of the country during the queen’s birthday in 2016.

Rod Dury – $1.95bn

  • Enterprise: Technology Development and Consulting Services|Aftermail and Context Connect

If you have heard of Glaziers Systems in New Zealand, Rod Dury was the brain behind the software development and consulting company. Not to mention, Dury made his first massive fortune during these times, before he eventually sold the company in 1999 to start an email technology company.

Aftermail, Dury’s email tech company, alongside the Context Connect enterprise Rod Dury manages, are big contributors to his huge $1.95bn worth.

Talley Family – $1.2bn

  • Enterprise: Agro Company|Talley Group Limited

The Talley Group Limited is a reputable seafood manufacturing company that has transformed the Tally Family into a wealthy one. If you are looking for one of the biggest agro companies with philanthropic deeds in New Zealand, Talley’s Family enterprise is a notable name.

Sir Robert Jones – $1.1bn

  • Enterprise: Property

Sir Robert Jones is a remarkable person in New Zealand that have amassed enough wealth to make the list. For the record, this Kiwi is an author, investor and former politician in his country. His most reputable moments are borne during political campaigns as he prefers to convey controversial comments that spark great interest.

Bruce Plested – $1.02bn

  • Enterprise: Tech, Logistics and Transport services|Mainfreight Limited

Bruce Plested is a wealthy New Zealander who operates his logistics and transport business across the city of Auckland. Bruce operates and manages Mainfreight Limited, a company that was established on the New Zealand Exchange list in 1996. This freight company is one of the biggest ones in the country and Bruce Plested is its capable founder.

Jim and Rosemari Delegat – $1.01bn

  • Enterprise: Agro Company|Delegat Group

Delegat Group is a profound agro company with some of the largest wine exports all over New Zealand. Jim and Rosemari Delegat founded this company under the impression of dominating wine production and distribution all over the country. Judging from their current worth of $1.01bn, they are stylishly dominating the agro-industry.

The Distinctive Difference Between The NBR Rich List and the NBR List

The idea behind the NBR rich list has dropped smoothly to consider more than just the wealth of individuals but their purpose to the nation. Not to mention, this editorial list now pays attention to worthy persons who are contributing to the growth and finances of the country while assembling enough wealth for themselves.

Enterprises of NBR List Contenders

  • Investment,
  • Manufacturing and selling,
  • Agro-industry,
  • Property,
  • Technology and services.

What Changed on the NBR List?

Wealth is still a major aspect of this list. However, a lot of other factors are considered in ranking these sets of Kiwis. One of the most important factors is how well the individuals or companies are contributing to the nation’s well-being.

In addition to investing in the country by creating employment facilities and other forms of investment, the list considers all the different types of ways they are giving back. Recently, New Zealanders living abroad doing little to the well-being of the country have also been decided to be counted out of this list.

NZ Billionaires & Their Worth Rank Across the World

Name World Rank Net Worth (USD) Enterprise
Graeme Hart 274 8.7 Billion Investments
Richard Chandler 1299 2.4 Billion Investments

Why is New Zealand Becoming a Stage for Billionaires?

The prepper fad prompted the perfect stage for billionaires to showcase their wealth and use it for a good cause. In case you are not aware, preppers are people who are ready to use their wealth and influence to counter destructive events posing risks to humanity.

An early news splash at the beginning of the year 2017 instigated the uproar when an article titled Doomsday Prep for the super-rich was released. The article mentioned how New Zealand has secured many wealthy persons for its geopolitical and remote stability.

To top it off, food, water and energy seem to not be an issue for the country, why wouldn’t billionaires acquire properties in a gorgeous and sustainable environment?

How Wealthy New Zealanders Amass Wealth

A report from Inland Revenue a few years back stated that 350+ New Zealanders are living with more than $50 million in assets. But when you take a bigger look at some of the country’s wealthiest persons, 50 million is indeed little. This incites the question of how these sets of wealthy people amass such immense wealth.

●      Sir Robert Jones

Taking a look at Sir Robert Jones’ success story is a reputable example. Back in 1962 when Jones was just 22, he thought about and later went on to purchase a building in Lower Hutt. At this time, he was seen as one of the main pioneers of property investment. In addition to taking advantage of the low-interest rates and inflated asset prices in NZ, Jones went on to amass huge wealth through smart investment.

●      Peter Cooper

Cooper is another notable figure with a fascinating story of success. During his 11-year tenure in the legal field as a lawyer, Cooper was already a partner at Russell McVeagh. This company, at that time, was mainly into property and commercial laws, where Cooper spent a considerable time.

Fast forward to a few more years, Cooper expanded his skill to forge an exceptional company under the development of Auckland’s Britomart.

Citizenship Disclaimer Among NZ Rich Individuals

Larry Page

Larry Page was one of those opportunists who went ahead to apply for residency in NZ. At this time, NZ’s Immigration only approved visa applications for people with a minimum of $10 million, which was $7 million, for investment. Page’s citizenship was later approved early in 2021.

Public Opinion

It was a pretty alarming case when Larry Page got his Visa processed and approved in a matter of months while others have been trying for years. Lawmakers took the case personally and questioned why this was the case.

Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel was more of the lucky but more beneficial case to the capital of NZ. The Silicon Valley billionaire easily gained his citizenship after a prolific lawmaker concluded that his philanthropy could be beneficial to New Zealand. Despite the fact that Thiel never resided in the country, his citizenship was approved.

Public Opinion

In accordance with the Citizenship Act, Peter Thiel was not a good fit and that raised a massive concern to the masses. Some even contemplated that Thiel’s case is another example of how the rich always buy their way without following due process.

Final Thoughts

For the record, Graeme Hart holds the title of the richest, yet influential person in New Zealand, making the top name on the NBR list. Now that the reasoning and decision as to who makes the list has become a whole different topic, including debates that each individual must be graded on their contribution to the country, the NBR list is considered rigorously.

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