Where to Buy Paysafe Vouchers Online in New Zealand?

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PaySafeCard is one of the best go-to options for New Zealand gamblers as it offers significantly lower restrictions on their deposit and withdrawals. However, the well-known method of obtaining PaySafeCard for most players is in local businesses like stands and stalls.

However, since the mass digitization of most businesses, most of these companies that sell vouchers are going remote, making it more difficult to acquire vouchers like that of PaySafeCard.

While some New Zealanders are aware that they can acquire these vouchers online, several others are not well informed. And with scam voucher sites on the rise, it is getting difficult to find a reputable website in New Zealand for PaySafeCard vouchers.

We studied this problem, did our homework, and we have the solution for you. Now, we are going to recommend some very reputable sites where you can buy your PaySafeCard voucher in seconds. All you have to do is create an account, search for your voucher, and pay online.


eGiftCards.nz is a New Zealand website that deals purely with eGift Cards. So, as you may have guessed, you can buy more than PaySafeCard vouchers. Also, the website supports transactions in different currencies, so New Zealanders can buy vouchers for other regions like Europe, the United States, and several others.

The site is very easy to navigate, as it looks like your typical online shopping website. So, all you need to do is add all the cards you need to cart and check out. The website helps you to total everything, so the only thing you need to worry about is payment. And the best part? There is a free return policy on every purchase.

If you are a fan of VIP programs, eGiftCards where you can climb through the ranks of bronze, silver, and gold. And if you can make your way to the top, you can get several freebies.


If you think eGiftCards is the height of it, you should check out WKV. This website is an official distributor of PaySafeCard vouchers so it offers more in-depth features like allowing you to keep tabs on your card balance. And interestingly, WKV does not charge any extra fee on transactions.

Depending on your preferred option, you can pay with either bank transfer, MasterCard, or Visa. And they have vouchers ranging from NZ$5 to NZ$100, depending on your budget.


Playtech.co.nz is another popular PaySafeCard online dealer that allows you to process all your purchases online. Although they charge a small processing fee, they also guarantee you that your orders will reach your hands in less than 48 hours; pretty worth it if you ask us.

And for those who like to have absolute control over their orders, PlayTech has a tracking option that shows you where your order is at any point.

However, we should also mention that the 48-hour delivery period does not include weekends and holidays. And if you have any issues, they are easily accessible via live support.


eGiftCard.nz is another option for online gift cards, and note that it is different from eGiftCards. This website offers a wide range of gift cards ranging from basic shopping to gaming, and sports, and PaySafeCard vouchers are not excluded. In addition, you can also purchase your prepaid cards like Neosurf on the website.

Although eGiftCard is a New Zealand-owned website, you can also pay in other currencies like USD, NZD, AUD, and even GBP. And if you prefer e-wallets, you can make payments with PayPal, Poli, or even bank transfers. In addition, when you make your purchase, you can track the courier to see how things are going.


Fairy gift Cards is a popular name among PaySafeCard in New Zealanders, and they are well-known for fast deliveries. So, if you are in a hurry, look no further than Fairy Gift Cards because they boast of same-day deliveries.

Interestingly, this website also offers a wider range of their vouchers; you can buy as low as NZ$10, and as high as NZ$1000.

Final Words

One of the biggest reasons why Kiwis have doubts about buying PaySafeCard vouchers online is the security factor. If you fall into this category, be rest assured that our recommendations are nothing short of the best. We dug deep and each website is protected and secured with advanced encryption technology. So, relax, purchase your PaySafeCard vouchers online, and save yourself the hassle of looking for where to buy physically.


  • plus-expand.svg Do PaySafeCard Codes Expire?

    No, PaySafeCard codes don’t expire. So, if you want to purchase the voucher in advance, go ahead.

  • plus-expand.svg Do Online PaySafeCard Voucher Stores Accept NZD Payments?

    Yes, you can purchase PaySafeCard vouchers with NZD. The websites we recommended have Kiwis as their target market so they allow you to use your New Zealand Dollars to make purchases directly.

  • plus-expand.svg Can I Use PaySafeCard Vouchers For Online Casino Deposits?

    Yes, you can use PaySafeCard vouchers for your online casino deposits. So far it is a PaySafeCard casino site, you are good to go. And interestingly, some brands offer discounts and bonuses if you use PaySafeCard.


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