Lotto NZ builds on 30-year partnership; appoints Scientific Games new systems technology provider

lotto new zealand has selected scientific games as its tecnhology provider

Lotto New Zealand (Lotto NZ), the country’s national lottery operator, has taken a significant step in enhancing its operations and providing improved services to its customers. In a move that builds upon their 30-year-old partnership, Lotto NZ has appointed Scientific Games as its new systems’ technology provider.

This decision aims to modernise Lotto NZ’s operations, replacing their 20-year-old core gaming system and online gaming system with new, fully-integrated next-generation technology. The arrangement includes a lottery retail system, point-of-sale (POS) technology, digital lottery platform, and content aggregation hub.

like iconScientific Games’ Symphony advance, trademarked as the Symphony Gaming System, will be a highlighted feature of the partnership. This system will support Lotto NZ’s draw-based games engine and communication across its extensive retail network. Additionally, it will be integrated with over 1,200 Contour.v POS retail terminals and wireless ticket checkers.

The collaboration with Scientific Games will also enable Lotto NZ to offer a diverse range of online games, including draw-based and instant games, as well as industry-leading lottery-first digital game studios from around the world. This expansion of offerings aims to provide an engaging and entertaining digital gaming experience for customers.

Excitement surrounds the seven-year agreement between Lotto NZ and Scientific Games, which is renewable for up to 12 years. The implementation of the new systems will coincide with the agreement’s initiation. Both parties anticipate a collaborative and successful partnership, leveraging the expertise, integrated products, and services offered by Scientific Games.

Lotto NZ, a Crown entity established in 1987, has been a key player in providing safe gaming to New Zealanders for over three decades. Since becoming a Crown Entity, they have returned over $5.5 billion in funding to community groups and organisations throughout the country. The selection of Scientific Games as a technology partner aligns with Lotto NZ’s goal of maximising returns to New Zealand communities while delivering innovative and entertaining digital games with a strong emphasis on responsible gaming.

legal iconChris Lyman, the Chief Executive Officer of Lotto NZ, expressed confidence in Scientific Games’ commitment to providing leading gaming technology that aligns with their values. Lyman highlighted the importance of appealing to a broad base of New Zealanders by offering simple, safe, and enjoyable digital games. Scientific Games’ range of integrated products and services, coupled with their five decades of industry knowledge and experience, made them the ideal technology partner for Lotto NZ’s future growth.

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As Lotto NZ and Scientific Games embark on this new phase of their partnership, users can look forward to enhanced online gaming experiences. The collaboration represents a significant step toward embracing innovative technology and providing a seamless and entertaining platform for New Zealanders to enjoy their favourite lottery games.

reward iconOverall, the partnership between Lotto NZ and Scientific Games signifies a commitment to responsible gaming, technological advancement, and maximising returns to the New Zealand community. As the new systems go live, the future looks bright for Lotto NZ and its customers, who can eagerly anticipate an enhanced lottery experience that combines tradition and innovation.

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