Free Slots Online

Slots, also known as Pokies, are one of the most entertaining casino games on the internet in 2024. It is just undeniably great, these games are pure entertainment!

The best part of these games is the free slots online. With these offers, players get to play some of the best casino slots for free. You do not have to pay a dime to enjoy these games.

Unlike other real money games, free slots online do not require any form of payment for you to start playing. With just a few clicks on your smartphone, you can access these services for free.

Most of the time, casinos offer these entertaining services to new players that wish to join them. As a form of reward, they offer new players to play free slots online.

If you are ready to learn more about free slots online and how to play them, this article is the right piece for you.


Unique Types of Free Slots Online

Unique Types Free Slots Online Casino New ZealandFree slots online can be grouped into four unique types. Each of these types comes with its own rules and instructions. More importantly, they are all easy and fun to play.

The 4 unique types of free slots online in 2024 are:

Classic Slots

slot iconClassic slot adventures are the oldest form of casino slot entertainment. Besides that, they are fun and free to play.

Usually, these games appear on 3 reels and up to 8 paylines. For beginners, these numbers are the display characters that you will see in the game. And they are popular for providing more fun and relaxation for new players.

If you can recollect seeing symbols like diamonds, 7s, bars and other objects simultaneously on a screen, that is classic slots. A popular example of these games is Viking and Mega Moolah.

Video Slots

spaces iconSimilar to classic slots, we have video slots.

In comparison, video slots are a bit more exciting than the former. Thanks to the diverse range of themes in video slots, players are more concerned with the games.

Themes, like animals, jungles, fruits, history and music are common themes of video slots.

While classic slots come with more diverse symbols and rules, video slots are unmatched for having a simple and friendly interface.

Examples of video free slots online include Book of Dead, Atlantis Megaways, and many more.

3D Slots

3d iconIf you would like to try free slots online that are more visually appealing than classic and video slots, try 3D free slots online.

Just as the name sounds, 3D slots appear a lot more different, thanks to its three-dimensional graphical effects in this genre. With this, you can enjoy free games with near-time graphics on your phones.

Getting these games are easy too. Depending on the site that offers it, you might have to download or just launch the game on the website.

A popular example of a 3D Slot includes Gonzo’s Quest.

Fruit Slots

cherries iconMany online casinos also offer free fruit slot games to players interested in playing. These games are basic fruity-themed slots with classic symbols and high-paying potentials. An example of free fruit slots online includes Berryburst Max.

Features of Free Slots Online

Features Free Slots Online Casino New ZealandGenerally, free slots online have features that make the game fun and worthwhile. Some of these features include:

Gaming Symbols

jackpot iconFree slots online naturally have gaming symbols. These symbols can range from traditional icons to modern styles depending on the slot type.

For instance, in classics, diamonds, 7s, bars, and other icons are major symbols. For video slots, symbols like kings, Aces, and others are based on the theme of the slot. For fruit slots, these symbols are usually fruit-related icons.


wild iconIf you have played slots in a land-based casino, you probably know what Wilds can do.

Wilds are features of a slot game with lots of winning potential. Players that are able to make a combination with wilds in their territories can bag huge wins.

Depending on the game, the Wilds can be any symbol. And they can come in different types, including sticky wilds, stacked wilds, marching wilds, and wild reels.


reward iconJust like Wilds, Scatters are another unique feature that promises huge winning potential to players.

They are popular for triggering special slot characters, free spins, bonus rounds, and many more exclusive features. More importantly, Scatters in free slot games can appear in any position in the game. If you know how to take advantage of these features, you may land big wins.


win iconAs its name sounds, Multipliers possess the ability to multiply your slot winnings by 2 or more. However, Multipliers are not as common as the former features in a free slot online.

Every gambler likes this feature because of its fast winning potential. To check if a slot game offers this feature, click the “i” icon in the game to read the payable.


zigzag iconEvery free slot online has a specific pattern that dictates where a winning potential can land as. These patterns are what we call the paylines. For many free slots online, these paylines can be straight or zigzag in nature.

Classic slots, for example, use straight patterns and are always with a single payline. As for Video slots, they usually appear in zigzag with a multiple payline. Thanks to these multiple payline features in video slots, they tend to be more exciting and profitable than the classics.

Volatility and RTP of Free Slots Online

When it comes to playing free slots online, two distinct properties are very important to understand. They are RTP and Volatility.

RTP is full for Return To Player and it refers to the money-making potential of a slot game.

Many casinos use percentages to indicate the value of RTP in a slot game. This value simply tells you what percentage of investment will be returned over a period.

For instance, if a slot game has an RTP value of 98.01%. It means if you invest $100 in the game, you will be getting 98.01% of $100 over a certain period.

Volatility, or Variance, refers to the paying speed of a slot game. In addition to RTP, Volatility is a good property of online slots you need to pay attention to. Not all games have a good RTP and Volatility. As for those that have good RTP and Volatility, players will be able to make good money.

House Edge In Free Slots Online

House edge is another important property of free slots you should also understand. And it simply tells you the value of the advantage a casino gets on each game.

Every slot free online has its house edge. While some of these games can have a minimum 10% house edge, others can have as high as 40% house edge.

The lower the house edge, the easier it is for players to make more earnings on a game. So, it is ideal for players to stick to games with low house edges.

  1. Double Diamond: This a free online slot with three reels and 1 payline. If you will like to see diamonds fly around on your screen as you spin for free, try Double Diamond.
  2. Lord of the Ocean: Lord of the Ocean is one of the classiest free online slots. Thanks to the expertise of Novomatic Games, Lord of the Ocean offers a lot of entertaining and lucrative features, including scatters, wilds, expanding wilds, and free spins.
  3. Eye of Hours: This free online slot will thrill you in the mystery of the Egyptian god, Horus and his reign. Eye of Hours has three rows, five reels and ten paylines. Developed by the reputable Mercury Gaming, these free slots online offer more than fun.
  4. Betti The Yetti: Betti the Yetti is a fascinating and lucrative free slot online that offers lots of multipliers and bonus rounds. It was developed by the reputable provider, High 5 Games.
  5. Buffalo: Do you love animals, especially bovines? If yes, try Buffalo free slots online. This game is fast-paced entertainment with over 1000 winning ways for gamblers.
  6. Sex and City: If you have watched the legendary HBO movie, Sex and City, you should try out its free online slot game. It has a good RTP and volatility, suitable for both high-rollers and low stakers.
  7. Pachinko: Developed by the top gaming provider, Microgaming, Pachinko is a free online slot game with a classic display of 30 balls on your screen.

How To Choose the Best Casinos with Free Slots Online

Best Online Casino Free Slots for New ZealandNo doubt, there are over a hundred online casinos with free slots. So, finding one with the best services may seem a little bit stressful and difficult.

That is never the case! With this article, you can find anything you are looking for, as long as it is casino related.

With that said, If you are ready to find the best casinos with free slots online, use the following steps for guidance:

Check for a Valid License

One of the greatest pieces of advice to gamblers looking for online casinos is to always look for the ones with licenses. Licensed online casinos are regulated to follow strict rules that promise fair and reliable services to online players.

So, it is advisable to check for the license of the casino before registering as a new player. More importantly, make sure the license is a valid one. One way to do that is by going to the bottom of the casino’s homepage. You will find information about licenses. If you do find any, leave the site immediately.

one girl signing up an online account
Read Online Reviews to Confirm Reputation

Once you find out that a casino has a valid license, the next thing to do is confirm its reputation by reading online reviews about its services. Most gamblers do not shy away from describing their experience with a casino online. And this creates an honest ground for new players to confirm if a casino is truly good.

So, take your time to read several reviews about a casino before signing up. If you can pick up to 70% positive reviews, the casino is good enough for the next step.

man sign up an account
Is the Security Good

Playing free slots online does not make checking for security pointless. An infidel site can plan these games as a way of getting illegal access to the information of users. To avoid falling into this trap, check for the security of the casino.

An advisable way to go about this is by checking the casino’s URL. If you find a lock icon and “https”, the casino is good enough for the next step.

website security lock screen laptop
Test the Customer Support Service

The final way to select a good casino platform for yourself is by testing if the customer support service of the platform is good. A good casino always makes sure its players have effective and quick customer support to rely on.

If you find an available support option, test it. For instance, if it is live chat support that is available at the site, message it randomly and ask how to play free slots online. If the casino is able to deliver quickly, go for it.

man working as online customer support with headset

How To Download Free Slots Online (Step-by-step Guide)

To start playing free slots online, you might have to download an app or play it directly from the site. If playing it directly from the site is the case, all you need to do is register a casino and start playing.

If downloading an app is required, here are the following steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the casino.
  2. If there is a downloadable app for the casino, download the app first.
  3. If it is available on Google Play Store or Apple Store, find it and download it.
  4. Register/Sign up as a new player.
  5. Find the free slots online.
  6. Start playing!

Note: Your device must have enough storage space and meet the requirements of the app. If not, it might be difficult to download and play free slots. Android 7+ and iOS 13+ with a storage space of more than 100 MB are enough for any downloadable casino slots app.

How To Play Free Slots Online (Step-by-step Guide)

If playing these slots game online via a website is the case, here is a step-by-step guide to doing it:

  1. Choose a reliable online casino that offers free online slots.
  2. If the app is available, download it to your device with the steps above.
  3. Register/sign up as a new player by filling out your information in the form.
  4. There is no need to deposit since you will be playing free slots.
  5. Locate the free slot game.
  6. Launch the game and start playing for free.
  7. Choose your wager limits with the “+” and “” icon.
  8. Choose your preferred number of bet lines.
  9. Click the “Spin” icon to start playing.
  10. You can use the “Autoplay” icon to enter autoplay mode and spin randomly.


Free slots online are a nice casino game that provides fun and refreshing entertainment to online players. To start playing these games in 2024, all you need to do is find a reliable casino site or app with free slots, sign up, find a game and start having fun. There are also different types of real money slot games in case you changed your mind.

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