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My name is Glen Comrie, and I am one of the big brains behind I was born in 1988 in Auckland, New Zealand, and over the years, I have gained enough experience to call myself a casino expert. And I work with as the chief editors.

Glen Comrie - Content Writer for onlinecasinofinder.nzAs you may already expect, I am well-learned; I schooled at Cornwall Park District School and Auckland University of Technology, and I graduated as one of the best.

Unlike many other casino experts, I am not only into writing about online casinos, I also engage and play these games frequently. And that is what grew my knowledge in them over the years. In fact, I can boast of how good I am at several casino games; if you think you are the best, it is because you haven’t met me!

However, outside my love for casinos, I like doing things like playing sports, travelling, and tourism. In the course of my travelling over the years, I have visited numerous brick-and-mortar establishments, and actively observing to see how I can improve myself. I can proudly say I love what I do, and I can do this forever.




Cornwall Park District School, Auckland University of Technology


Casino Review Expert, Gamer, Editor

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“Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.” James Clear

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